Friday, January 18, 2013


Well where do we Lets start with the positive the material was delivered on Tuesday man were we happy but we had a weeks worth of rain....yuuuuuuuuk...Can anyone guess what the out come was?????? That's right you guess it sitting in water.I talked to the PM he said yeah this was a bad week he didn't pay attention to the weather for the week...."MAN COME ON". So I asked about the boards warping later after they dry out he assured me that they would be check closely for that and he would not use the boards that are sitting in water....Well it doesn't stop there looked over the foundation and slab and found several cracks where the foundation meets the slab...MAN WHAT THE H_ _ _...LOL.....Well took  a ride out there today and half of the down stairs is already framed..We don't no if we should be happy or what????????

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